Why I should learn to play the guitar

Apparently one in four people in the UK claim they can play the guitar. I’m not sure how true that is but it is a very common instrument. 

So why should you learn to play the guitar?

Often we see the stereotypical reason that people learn to play the guitar from movies and TV. 

Which is a guy is trying to get a girl. 

And if that’s you that’s okay it is a very effective tool. 

I know many guys who actually impressed a girl because they play the guitar. And did you know that a girl is much more likely to give a guy her number? 

They are seven times more likely to give a guy her number if he is carrying a guitar case versus a gym bag. 

The more common reason that I hear people want to play guitar is as a tool for relaxation.

And while playing the guitar can be relaxing, there are many moments of frustration and it’s important to recognise that. 

It might take you a little while before it becomes a tool that relaxes you. It might actually become a tool that infuriates you in many situations. 

Ways that you can avoid having it as a tool of frustration include having a guitar teacher who helps you through challenges that you might be having. 

And recognise that it’s not a linear progression and learning to play the guitar is often harder than people imagine in the first place. 

But once you get to that point where you can just pick it up and play it. (This might take awhile) it is a very relaxing and a great tool for expressing your emotions and winding down at the end of the workday.

You are a singer song writer. 

Learning the guitar is a very good skill to have when you are singer song writer. Means whenever you have a gig you don’t have to rely on other guitarist to play for you but you can play for yourself. It means that when you are composing you’re actually in charge of it and understand how the music is created rather than relying on another musician hope you write a song. 

And also you don’t need to endlessly make voice notes of your singing. But  you actually know how to put a song together yourself. And write it down. Maybe even to get other musicians to play it too. 

It’s a really great skill and that’s why so many sing a song writer has come to us too long at all. 

It’s your childhood dream 

I get it playing the guitar is very cool. And it’s nothing more exciting than being on stage rocking out with your hair down, to your favourite songs and even songs that you compose yourself. 

A lot of people wanted to be able to play the guitar on stage in front of others or with other people as a child. 

But for whatever reason they couldn’t achieve that dream. 

And now you’re an adult, with your own schedule. You can choose your own hobbies without your parents deciding what to do. So you can choose to play the guitar, and fulfil your childhood dream!